Hajim School Newsletters

Fall 2022

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A record number of NSF CAREER awards
A transformational gift from James Wyant
Dean's Message
Grand Challenges Scholars after five years
Meet the Team: Jim Alkins
New faculty members

Fall 2021

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Hajim contributions to the Webb telescope
BME’s 20th anniversary
Lisa Norwood’s last legacy
Dean's Message
Research highlights
Outstanding students

Fall 2020

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Our new digital edition:
Students learn remotely
Research highlights
Taking the fight to COVID-19
Keeping traditions alive
Celebrate 2020 profiles
Meet the team: Joe Pasquarelli

Spring 2020

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Meet the team: Tyrone Jimmison
Our first women graduates
Supporting a diverse study body
Audio and Music Engineering
Tech Transfer: Patents

Fall 2019

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Meet the team: Emma Derisi
Hajim Researchers Explore Quantum Frontiers
Studio X: Access to AR/VR
Hajim Inventors
New faculty members
A Hero's Welcome for Donna Strickland
Distinguished Alumnus: Daniel Sabbah

Spring 2019

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Meet the team: Jim Zavislan
Kearns Center and Hajim School
Student societies
Tech Transfer: Center for Freeform Optics
Real Readers and WRT273
Sykes Award

Fall 2018


Meet the team: Lisa Norwood
CEIS links faculty, companies
Tech Transfer: Clerio changing eye care
New faculty
Hajim Women Alumni Network
Jeanine Hayes: distinguished alumna

Spring 2018

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Meet the team: Cindy Gary
NAE Grand challenge scholars
Interdepartmental majors
Instructional-track faculty
Toys for All Tots

Fall 2017

fall 207

New director of optics
Summer research
Ghana field school
New faculty
Named fellowships

Spring 2017

spring 2017Bravo chips
Women in computer science
Why internships?
Growth in master's students
The names behind student awards

Fall 2016

sping Hajim School's new dean
CAREER award recipients
The Center for Freeform Optics
Faculty awards
Seven new faculty
Hajim Young Leadership Council

Spring 2016

spring newsletter Wegmans Hall means moves for three departments
Audio and music engineering: Growing by leaps and bounds
New initiatives promote study abroad
CMTI masters programs makes students part of clinical team
Faculty awards
Ed Hajim inducted into Tau Beta Pi
Hajim School surpasses its Meliora Challenge goal

Fall 2015

fall 2015Hajim School's role in AIM Photonics
Xerox Engineering Research Fellows: 'Putting young minds to work'
BME aims high as it turns 15
Faculty awards
New faculty members
Young alumnus joins Eastman Circle
Stuart Elby: 'Get out of your silo'

Spring 2015

spectrum spring 2015

ChemE celebrates 100th
Computer Science extends its reach
Music and Engineering
Biomedical optics
Faculty awards
Ed Hajim receives Horatio Alger Award
Alumnus endows a fellowship

Fall 2014

fall 2014

Industrial Associates program turns 40
LLE an 'incredible' resource
Ovitz rises to the top in business competitions
New faculty bring computational skills
Jack Carmola: 'Find your passion'

Spring 2014

spring 2014

TEAM master's program
WRT 273: Communicating your professional identity
Honoring Prof. James Li
Optics recruits undergrads
One person, one gift can make a difference

Fall 2013

fall 2013

Rettner Hall nears completion
Proximity of River Campus, Med Center aids tissue engineering research
Dottie Welch retires
IGERT: a global perspective
Four new faculty members
Theo Mitsa: a profile

Spring 2013

spring 2013

Renovated lab in ChemE
CMTI: New center translates good ideas into clinical realities
New major: Full speed ahead  at the intersection of music, engineering
Pre-college engineering summer program 
A look at the Visiting Committee
Students, post-docs “make the science happen”
Faculty awards

Fall 2012

fall 2012

Ready to take advantage of Big Data
Can Twitter really predict the spread of flu?
Rettner Hall: A welcoming collaborative space
Research at a high level: Student tackles hydrogen embrittlement
OSA, Institute share a long history
Faculty awards
Advisory Committee has the ear of the dean

Spring 2012

spring 2012

Design your future workshop series: Networking
Xi-Cheng Zhang: New director of The Institute of Optics
Faculty awards
Media Arts and Innovation Center, and two new majors
Study Abroad: Hajim School aims for higher participation
Alumni and student profiles: Andrew and Kara Bosco, Catherine Marando
Supporting the Hajim School

Fall 2011

fall 2011

Seeing the world through the crowd's eye: VizWiz
Laurel Carney: bringing music to individuals with hearing loss
UR joins Intel labs to create technology of the future
UR opens URnano: Multimillion dollar nanosystems facility
Ching Tang: Next generation of lighting and displays
Faculty awards
Alumni updates: Smith, Sanders, Bunis
Supporting the Hajim School

Winter 2011

winter 2011

Engineering for art: Hajim School at the Clothesline Festival
Elastographic imaging began at UR
Xerox fellowship
Entrepreneurship drives the innovation economy
Jannick Rolland: Imaging below the skin
Faculty awards
Alumni updates: Milne, Crocker, Lax
Supporting the Hajim School

Fall 2010

fall 2010

Q&A with Riccardo Betti on fusion energy.
Training the next generation in solar energy.
Fuel cell research
Energy for the developing world.
Distinguished alumni: John Major, Stephen Fantone.
Faculty awards...

Winter 2010

winter 2010

Institute of Optics expands its scope
MechE student runs his own company
Faculty awards
New introductory courses offer hands-on engineering experience
Smashing pumpkins for an educational purpose
Student senior project addresses problems in Peru
Computer Science team earns trip to China
Supporting the Hajim School

Fall 2009

fall 2009

Computer Science joins the Hajim School
Former student remembers Robert Hopkins with a gift and a new center for optical design
Putting our signature on the engineering world
Faculty awards
New professors: Ipek, Bigham, Benoit, and Shestapolov.
New TEAM master's degree
Biomedical Engineering leads growth at Rochester
On the cutting edge of research: David Wu, Riccardo Betti
The Undergraduate experience: building a community of scholars
Supporting the Hajim School: Annual Fund