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 May 14, 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 student award winners

collage of winners

Congratulations to this year's recipients of Hajim School awards for outstanding achievement.

The Charles L. Newton Prize—recognizing engineering students who show a special proficiency in an engineering subject and have conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper:

  • Daniel Troyetsky, mechanical engineering
  • Ethan Fahnestock, interdepartmental engineering

The Donald M. Barnard Prize—awarded to junior or senior engineering students on the basis of personal qualification and achievement

  • Sylvia Zhong, biomedical engineering
  • Mark Volkin, chemical engineering
  • Yiyang Su, computer science,
  • Alaina Attanasio, electrical and computer engineering
  • Nick Pomianek, mechanical enginering
  • Chris Pressimone, optical engineering,
  • Warish Orko, biiomedical engineering
  • Kamal Raji, chemical engineering
  • Charles Chimera, electrical and computer engineering
  • Alyssa Ho, optical engineering

The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award—which recognizes hard-working undergraduates with an interest in metallurgy

  • Ahmad El Gazzar, chemical engineering
  • Ognjen Bosic '22, mechanical engineering

The G. Harold Hook Prize—presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding interest in engineering

  • Gaetan Foisy, mechanical engineering
  • Emma Mantel, biomedical engineering

Congratulations as well to these recipients of departmental awards


Faculty Award for Undergraduate Service
Meron Abate

BME Outstanding Senior
Sofia Louise Guarnieri

Faculty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
Anthony Harout Gurunian

Faculty Award for Teaching Assistant
Michael C. Lee
Warish Zaman Orko


Outstanding Teaching Assistant in Chemical Engineering
Ahmad Yasser El Gazzar
Quinton Dang

Shelby Miller Award
Ahmad Yasser El Gazzar
Quinton Dang
Thien Hung Nguyen
Clive Ouko Onyango
Kamaldeen Ayomide Raji
Bryan Gregory Schellberg
Baris Eser Ugur
Emilio Vega

Albert K. Ackoff Award
Baris Eser Ugur
Claire Virginia Wilson

Donald F. Othmer Award
Paul Robert Irving
Baris Eser Ugur
Claire Virginia Wilson


Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Computer Science
Ashely Tenesaca
Victor Nikhil Antony
Joshua Ziffer Sobel
Boyu Zhang
Yipeng Zhang

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science
Patrick Andrew Phillips

Outstanding TA in Computer Science
Nathan Hoffman Reed

Most Valuable Programmer
Aman Shrestha

UR Women and Minorities in Computing Leadership Award
Anna Elizabeth Zimmerman


ECE Faculty Prize (audio and music engineering)
Beau Gregory Hanson

ECE Faculty Prize (electrical and computer engineering)
Abrar Rahman Protyasha


Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Seniors
Daniel Troyetsky 
Jiayin Zhang 
Caroline Cardinale 
Nils Kingston 
Jaafar Al Hadab

Mechanical Engineering Teaching Assistant Award
Andrew Drago 
Fresia Nova 
Alex Velberg 
Nils Kingston

Mechanical Engineering Teaching Service Award
Lale Yilmaz

ASME Prize
Eli Burk

Emil L. Kuichling Prize
Peter Schaefer

Helmut Weymann Prize
Caroline Cardinale 
Nick Pomianek 
Nils Kingston

Sheryl Gracewski Leadership Prize
Madeline Bedrock

Sheryl Gracewski Engineering Prize
Harris Mandell 


Optics Faculty Prize
Cherine Ghazouani
Lauren Katherine Scheg

Sommargren Prize
Benjamin Eli Nussbaum

Kevin Thompson Award
Adam Scott Briggs
Andrés García Coleto