Congratulations to our 2022 student award winners

May 10, 2022

Student award winners for 2022
This year’s recipients of Hajim School undergraduate awards, left to right, top to bottom: Amanda Adams, John Bates, Ognjen Bosic, Suet Chan, Cassius Close, Peter Francis, Ava Giorgianni, Chenhao Jian, Zihao Li, Liying Lin, Befikadu Mekonnen, Tram Nguyen, Helena Schreder, Helen Shammas, Yichen Shen, and Levi Sunday-Lefkowitz.

The Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences annually awards prizes to engineering and computer science students for outstanding achievement. The 2022 recipients are:

The Charles L. Newton Prize — recognizing engineering students who show a special proficiency in an engineering subject and have conducted research, given a presentation, or published a paper.

  • Helena Schreder, mechanical engineering.
  • Zihao Li, optical engineering.

The Donald M. Barnard Prize — awarded to junior or senior engineering students on the basis of personal qualification and achievement.

  • Yichen Shen, optics and electrical and computer engineering
  • Peter Francis, electrical and computer engineering
  • Cassius Close, audio and music engineering
  • John Bates, biomedical engineering
  • Helen Shammas, biomedical engineering
  • Ava Giorgianni, biomedical engineering
  • Amanda Adams, biomedical engineering
  • Levi Sunday-Lefkowitz, chemical engineering
  • Liying Lin, mechanical engineering
  • Chenhao Jian, mechanical engineering

The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award — which recognizes hard-working undergraduates with an interest in metallurgy.

  • Befikadu Mekonnen, biomedical engineering

The G. Harold Hook Prize — presented to students who have demonstrated outstanding interest in engineering and have conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper.

  • Tram Nguyen, biomedical engineering and economics
  • Suet Chan, optical engineering

The Tau Beta Pi Prize —awarded to a senior who, through academic achievement, proven leadership, and character has excelled and inspired fellow students.

  • Helena Schreder, mechanical engineering
  • Ognjen Bosić, mechanical engineering


In addition, individual departments also offer awards for outstanding achievement. This year's recipients are:


BME Faculty Award for Undergraduate Service, recognizes an outstanding student for service to the Department of Biomedical Engineering.  These efforts may include leadership in undergraduate organizations, engineering activities, or teaching activities.           

  • Tram Nguyen

BME Faculty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, recognizes an outstanding student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering for research excellence. The criterion for eligibility is authorship on a published manuscript or abstract, or presenting author of a public presentation or poster (internal or external).

  • Tracey Moyston

BME Faculty Award for Teaching Assistant, recognizes an outstanding student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering for teaching assistant excellence.

  • Nejat Can
  • Madison Lang

BME Outstanding Senior, in recognition of the student’s academic excellence and achievement in Biomedical Engineering.

  • Kexin Chloe Li

BME Outstanding Junior, in recognition of the student’s academic excellence and achievement in Biomedical Engineering.

  • Sameer Jain


Albert K. Ackoff Award, to the top third-year student(s) based on grades earned through the Fall semester of the junior year.

  • Andrew Rojnuckarin

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Excellence Award, to the junior(s) who compiled the highest scholastic average in the first two years of study. 

  • Andrew Rojnuckarin

Shelby A. Miller Prize, to seniors who submitted the best process design project.

  • Amanda Strenk
  • Mauricio Araiza Canizales
  • Daniel Carter
  • Jeremy Rivkin

American Chemical Society (ACS) Chemistry Achievement Award, to the senior with an outstanding academic record who has also done excellent work on a research project or independent study dealing directly with applied chemistry.

  • Kendra Watson

Spring 2022 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

  • Mauricio Araiza Canizales


Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant(s), given to a student(s) for outstanding support to professors as a teaching assistant or workshop leader during his or her undergraduate career.

  • Yiyao Yu
  • Timothy Hornick

 Excellence in Undergraduate Research, given to a student who has worked with an advisor on significant research, received awards or presented at conferences, or has been published as a result of his or her work.

  • Benjamin Carleton
  • Mandar Juvekar

 UR Women & Minorities in Computing Leadership Award, given to a student who has made a significant contribution to leadership, to the design of programs and activities that build a stronger community in CSC, and to a level of service and a creative enthusiasm for UR WiC-MiC.

  • Xiaojun Min

Most Valuable Programmer(s), given to students who have been valued members of various programming teams such as the Association for Computing Machinery – ICPC team and the CS Games team, strengthening URCS’ visibility among top schools.

  • Vladimir Maksimovski,
  • Tran Bao
  • Loc Bui
  • Yudi Yang

Outstanding Senior, given to a student who has made outstanding contributions to the Department and its undergraduate program in academics, research, and student leadership, and who has gained the respect and appreciation of the Department community.

  • Mandar Juvekar


ECE Faculty Prize

  • Joseph Bumpus (audio and music engineering)
  • Peter Francis (electrical and computer engineering)


Mechanical Engineering Department Award for Outstanding Senior This award recognizes an ME senior with outstanding aptitude and ability in all aspects of engineering. Usually, GPA is an important consideration.

  • Helena Schreder
  • Peter Schaefer
  • Lale Yilmaz

Emil L. Kuichling Prize Established by a gift from Sarah L. Kuichling in memory of Emil Kuichling (class of 1868), this prize is awarded to an ME junior who has shown the highest academic performance in core major courses. The selection is usually based on the combined performance in ME 120, 121, 225 and 226.

  • Nikola Raitsevits
  • Ellen Meyer

Mechanical Engineering Department Teaching Service Award recognizes an ME undergrad whose assistance in the teaching mission of the department has been invaluable, as evidenced by substantial contribution to the development of new teaching tools such as lab experiments, software, problems, or similar projects. This award is not always given and should be distinguished from the TA award.

  • Jason Kahn
  • Lale Yilmaz

Mechanical Engineering Department Teaching Assistant Award recognizes a senior for outstanding contributions as a teaching assistant during her or his undergraduate career. This student exemplifies effective teaching, going above and beyond the normal duties required of a teaching assistant. This award is meant for TAs, nominated by faculty.

  • Savannah Schisler

Mechanical Engineering Department Service Award recognizes a student who has made consistent contributions to the department, through both informal and formal opportunities. Examples include serving as a teaching assistant, peer adviser, tutor, etc. Traditionally, recommended by ME office staff.

  • Aaron Huynh

ASME Prize Historically, this prize has been awarded to the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) president, based on the recommendation by the faculty advisor.

  • Helena Schreder

Sheryl Gracewski Leadership Prize, to a student or students who demonstrate strong leadership, mentoring skills, and engineering insight that have contributed to the advancement of the UR Baja Team or similar mechanical engineering team-based extracurricular project.

  • Ognjen Bosic

Sheryl Gracewski Engineering Prize, to a student or students with an outstanding academic record who has/have made a significant engineering contribution to the UR Baja Team or similar mechanical engineering team-based extracurricular project.

  • Lale Yilmaz