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Hajim School Highlights 2020


EWB chapter keeps project moving forward

February 7, 2020

Members of the Engineers Without Borders team take a break in front of the blue shed that houses water disinfection.

Members of the University of Rochester Engineers Without Borders (EWB) student chapter, back from their sixth trip to a school in the Dominican Republic, will return next year to make sure the water they are providing pleases the most important palates of all – those of the schoolchildren.


Detecting microplastics is first step in assessing the harm they cause

January 6, 2020

The image at left shows debris captured on a silicon nanomembrane (greenish background, with bluish slots, 8 microns wide) by Greg Madejski in the lab of James McGrath. The fluorescence image at right shows how Nile red stain is used to identify the plastics. (Courtesy of McGrath lab)