Graduate Engineering at Rochester (GEAR)

GEAR is a program that guarantees exceptional undergraduates admission to any of the Hajim School master's programs at the University of Rochester.

Students are accepted into GEAR as incoming first-year students, and provided they stay in the Hajim School and have a 3.3 GPA in their senior year, will be automatically accepted to the graduate program here as well. They are often able to take graduate courses during their senior year of undergraduate study, allowing them reduced time in graduate school and potentially complete both a BS and MS in five years.

This program is valuable for many students because they can spend the time they would have used to apply to graduate school to push themselves further academically, and the chance of finishing both degrees at an accelerated pace allows students to find gainful employment more quickly as well.

Students who meet the stated criteria (Hajim School major and 3.3 GPA) receive a 50% tuition waiver for their master's program. Undergraduate GEAR students are also able to take and transfer up to 10 credits of graduate work towards their master's program. The graduate programs usually take one year (including a summer), but can vary depending on if students choose the research option.

Applying to Graduate School for GEAR Students

Start an application

To submit the application:

  • Complete the biographical/applicant information
  • Upload an unofficial copy of your transcript
  • In the “University of Rochester Connections” section of the application select the box that indicates you are a member of the GEAR program
  • List Aisling Sive and Alvin Lomibao as the recommenders:
    • Aisling Sive:; Graduate Admissions Counselor, to inform the Graduate Education office that you've started an application. All inquiries regarding the application process can be directed to Aisling. +1 (585) 273-5210
    • Alvin Lomibao:; Hajim Assistant Dean; +1 (585) 275-8962
  • Write a Personal Statement: This should be a short essay, detailing your current work within the program and your specific interest of focus in your chosen graduate program; this is more for fit and placement than for admissions purposes.

Students with a GPA just below 3.3 who can expect to raise their GPA above that threshold by the end of fall semester should wait to upload their transcripts until after their fall grades are in.

Students with a GPA significantly below 3.3 will be unable to apply to graduate programs through GEAR; however, they can still complete the full application including official GRE scores and letters of recommendation.