Professor Dias Wins NSF CAREER Award for Warm Quantum Materials: Harnessing Exotic Quantum Properties at High Temperatures

March 1, 2021

The primary goal of this project is to synthesize novel hydrogen rich, room temperature or above room temperature superconducting materials at ambient pressure for practical applications, such as advanced power grids, new transportation, medical imaging, and scanning techniques such as MRI and magnetocardiography, and faster, more efficient electronics for digital logic and memory device technology.

The project also provides an important research infrastructure for high pressure experiments with capabilities of addressing a diverse set of problems in materials science. The principal investigator will create educational media to support teaching and student learning all over the world. Groups receiving direct support include graduate students gaining access to large user facilities and learning necessary research skills; local high school teachers collaborating with the principal investigator on direct application of classroom concepts; research opportunities for first-generation college, low-income, and underrepresented minority students; and improving and building upon resources available to the Deaf community.

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