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Hajim Spotlights

We’re spotlighting the students and faculty at the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences who are making the world ever better.

If you have a suggestion of a person who would make a great spotlight you can recommend a spotlight by emailing Anna Alden at


Celebrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Hajim School is committed to:

  • increasing the diversity of our students, staff, and faculty;
  • creating policies, programs, and opportunities to ensure that women and those traditionally underrepresented in engineering are treated equitably;
  • and, above all, supporting everyone with a spirit of genuine inclusivity.

Click here here to learn more about our committment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to find profiles of more than 50 faculty, staff, and alumni who serve as role models, including those listed below.


Miguel Alonso, professor of optics

Mark Buckley, associate professor of biomedical engineering

Jaime Cardenas, assistant professor of optics

Marvin Doyley, professor of electrical and computer engineering

Melodie Lawton, assistant professor of chemical engineering

Gonzalo Mateos, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering


Jennifer Allen ‘97 ‘10 (MBA) 

Mercy Asiedu '14

Delali Attiogbe Attipoe ’03

Peter Delfyett '83MS

Beauclaire Mbanya '20

Shawn Rochester ’97

Sean Rodrigues ’12

Mario Simpson '99

Christopher Stewart ’05MS ’08PhD

Tim Talley '88

Charity Wallace '09


Lisa Norwood, assistant dean

Rohan Palma, study abroad counselor

Nick Valentino, academic counselor


Faculty Spotlights

Women in Engineering Series

Niaz Abdolrahim, mechanical engineering—Abdolrahim wanted to be an engineer since she was in high school. She was drawn to the idea of solving problems using math, and of designing new systems and engineering concepts.

Amy Lerner, biomedical engineering—Lerner began her career designing functional clothing for people with disabilities and parts of space suits for ILC Dover (supplying NASA) before turning to biomedical engineering.

Jennifer Hunter, ophthalmology, biomedical engineering, optics—Hunter has turned her interests in physics and visual science into a career studying retinal imaging, the process of taking digital images of the back of a person’s eye.

Jannick Rolland, optics— Rolland discovered her passion for technical design while watching a theatre production at age 16. Today, she is a leading expert in freeform optics and cofounder of the startup LighTopTech.

Jessica Shang, mechanical engineering—Shang’s childhood interests in tools, tinkering, and math and science have led her to a career in academia studying the fluid mechanics of biological phenomena.

Visit the Celebration 2020 website to see more profiles of Hajim School women faculty members, alumnae, and staff who have contributed to engineering and computer science.


Student Spotlights

Grand Challenges Scholars

University of Rochester students are seeking recognition as Grand Challenges Scholars by the National Academy of Engineering. The program asks students from any discipline to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing society. Check out our Q-and-A’s with the Grand Challenges Scholars.

2021 Grand Challenges Scholars:

2020 Grand Challenges Scholars:

2019 Grand Challenges Scholars:

2018 Grand Challenges Scholars:

Student Internship Experiences

Class of 2020:

Xerox Fellows

The Xerox Engineering Research Fellows Program provides engineering undergraduates with an opportunity to participate in a research experience in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences during the summer. Check out the 2018 Xerox Fellows:

  • Perla Aguilar is a mechanical engineering major who worked on analyzing satellite data taken from various organizations like NASA and the European Space Agency to study oceanic heat transport for her Xerox Fellowship Project.
  • Amro Bayoumy is a mechanical engineering major whose XEROX Engineering Research Fellowship project focused on improving wind farm efficiency.
  • Zachary Byron, an electrical and computer engineering major, taught robots to understand voice commands as part of his Xerox Engineering Research Fellowship.
  • Jordan Floyd, an electrical and computer engineering major, uses Java and Android Studio to help create an interactive healthcare app.
  • Gregory Hernandez, an audio and music engineering major, worked with Mark Bocko on designing flat-panel speakers for his Xerox Engineering Research Fellowship.
  • Beauclaire Mbanya is a chemical engineering major working on liquid metal batteries to help address the problem of energy storage in solar grids.