Biophysical and technological fluid mixing at the University of Rochester
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CONGRATULATIONS: Bitong defended his dissertation, “Ultrasound Measurement in Metal Melts: Microscale Mechanisms and Improvements”, completing a PhD in Materials Science. Jarod won an NSF graduate fellowship. Helena won the 2022 Charles L. Newton Award for best undergraduate engineering research. Woohoo!
UPCOMING: Kim and Doug will present as part of WCB.
OPENINGS: Postdoc, data scientist, and administrator positions are available — email Doug.
PUBLISHED: Our paper “A novel in vivo clearance assay for quantification of glymphatic efflux” will appear in Cell Reports. Our paper Sensitivity analysis on a network model of glymphatic flow has been published in J. R. Soc. Interface. Our paper A network model of glymphatic flow under different experimentally-motivated parametric scenarios has been published in iScience.

Fluid mixing is both beautiful and devilishly difficult to understand, predict, or control. We study how fluid flows and the materials they carry change over space and time, primarily with application to cerebrospinal fluid flow in the brain and to liquid metals technologies.

Douglas H. Kelley Adi Raghunandan Kimberly Boster Michelle Beaulieu Yiming Gan Ruy Ibanez Ibrahim Mohammad Keelin Quirk Bitong Wang Athan Sanders Nikola Raicevic Michael Jiatong Sun
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