PhD Program

The PhD in mechanical engineering requires 90 hours of graduate credit. Students holding a master of science degree receive 30 credit hours toward the 90 required hours.

Students are required to take at least 32 hours of coursework at the 400 level or higher, of which at least 24 credit hours should be mechanical engineering courses. The dissertation is typically about 30 of the total of 90 credit hours. No more than 10 of these may be transferred from non-matriculated work at Rochester.

There are three examinations during the PhD program the:

  • Preliminary examination - at the end of the first full academic year of study
  • Qualifying examination - typically taken at the end of the second year or during the third year
  • Final oral examination

The PhD Program of Study Form should be completed and approved within four semesters of matriculation. Students should talk with their advisor and review the Graduate Handbook for more information.

For information about finding an advisor, PhD examinations and PhD dissertation see the Graduate Handbook.

Stipend/Funding for PhD Students

Our full-time PhD students receive competitive graduate fellowships or research assistantships comprising an annual stipend, medical benefits, and full coverage of graduate tuition.

The details of a particular student's financial offer can vary depending upon specific circumstances and will be specified in a letter sent to each student at the time that an admission offer is made.

Part-Time Study

Part time study is defined as registration for fewer than 12 credit hours per semester. Part time students must satisfy the same requirements as full time students, as well as a residency requirement.

Residency is defined as registration for at least 12 credit hours in each of two consecutive semesters. i.e.: fall – spring, or spring – fall.