• We are a computational group strengthening the science base in support of several communities' efforts by developing and providing access to our continually-validated code, TriForce.
  • Our simulation tool encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration between students and scientists in astrophysics, plasma, geoscience, atmospheric chemistry, computer science, and others.
  • TriForce is a C++ framework for open-source massively-parallel 3D particle-based hybrid fluid-kinetic multiphysics simulations.
  • The code recovers results from both radiation-magnetohydrodynamic and fully kinetic codes, and is designed to operate in between where both descriptions may co-exist and interact.
  • The hybrid method enables capabilities beyond either of the individual modeling methods alone, and is being used to investigate a range of topics in fields such as controlled thermonuclear fusion, astrophysics, high-energy-density physics, and high-intensity lasers.
  • We collaborate with experimentalists and theorists in order to design, execute, analyze, and interpret results from experiments conducted at the nation's three flagship high-energy-density physics facilities: the OMEGA laser at the University of Rochester, the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the Z Machine at Sandia National Laboratories.
  • The goal of the TriForce Institute for Multiphysics Modeling is to provide better predictive capability and access to advanced models for the benefit of the whole community.