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Directory of contributors

Principal Investigator

Dr. Adam B. Sefkow (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics)

Chief Architect

Dr. John G. Shaw (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)


Dr. Hussein Aluie (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

Dr. Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback (Assistant Professor of Physics)

Dr. Sandhya Dwarkadas (Albert Arendt Hopeman Professor of Computer Science)

Dr. Robert L. McCrory (University Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and Physics & Astronomy)

Dr. Sreepathi Pai (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)

Dr. Yuhao Zhu (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)

Staff scientists

Dr. Duc Cao (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Dr. Jonathan R. C. Davies (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Dr. Russell Follett (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Dr. Patrick W. McKenty (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Dr. Rick B. Spielman (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Dr. Harry Stern (Center for Integrated Research Computing)

Graduate students

Rahman Ejaz (Mechanical Engineering)

Ayden Kish (Physics & Astronomy)

Michael Lavell (Mechanical Engineering)

Hanlin Gao (Computer Science)

Zeyi Pan (Computer Science)

Andrew Sexton (Computer Science)

Shuang Zhai (Computer Science)

Undergraduate students

Matthew Burns (Computer Science)

Marc Haddad (Mechanical Engineering)

Yousef Lawrence (Physics)

Yuxin Leo Liu (Mechanical Engineering)

Hristijan Stojkovic (Optics and Physics)

Alexander Velberg (Mechanical Engineering)

Kagan Yanik (Optics and Physics)

High school students

Alan Tu (now enrolled at Harvard University)

External collaborators

Dr. Steinar Borve (Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt)

Dr. Samuel A. Cohen (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)

Dr. John Giuliani (Naval Research Laboratory)

Dr. B. Grant Logan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Prof. Jason Myatt (University of Alberta)

John H. Nuckolls (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Dr. Sasha Velikovich (Naval Research Laboratory)