Directory of contributors

Last updated: Mar 2023


Principal Investigator

Dr. Adam B. Sefkow (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics)


  • Dr. Hussein Aluie (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback (Assistant Professor of Physics)
  • Dr. Rick B. Spielman (Professor of Physics)
  • Dr. Robert L. McCrory (University Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and Physics & Astronomy)
  • Dr. Sandhya Dwarkadas (Albert Arendt Hopeman Professor of Computer Science)
  • Dr. Sreepathi Pai (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)
  • Dr. Yuhao Zhu (Assistant Professor of Computer Science)

Staff scientists

  • Dr. Duc Cao (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)
  • Dr. Harry Stern (Center for Integrated Research Computing)
  • Dr. Jonathan R. C. Davies (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)
  • Dr. Patrick W. McKenty (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)
  • Dr. Russell Follett (Laboratory for Laser Energetics)
  • William Scullin (Group Leader for High Performance Computing, Laboratory for Laser Energetics)

Postdoctoral associates

  • Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Robert Masti (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Graduate students

  • Andrew Sexton (Mechanical Engineering
  • Ayden Kish (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Imani West-Abdallah (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Michael Lavell (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Miles Kim (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Sara Gomez Ramirez (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Shuang Zhai (Computer Science)

Undergraduate students

  • Aayush Poudel (Computer Science)
  • Dominic Collins (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Katherine Jarvis (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Matan Kotler-Berkowitz (Computer Science)
  • Keagan Hemsley (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Scott Sikorski (Computer Science and Physics)

LLE Summer High School Research Program

Coming soon! (Summer 2023) 

 External collaborators

  • Dr. Burl Grant Logan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Dr. Christopher Galea (Princeton Fusion Systems)
  • Prof. Jason Myatt (University of Alberta)
  • Dr. John Giuliani (Naval Research Laboratory)
  • John H. Nuckolls (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • Prof. Keh-Fei Liu (University of Kentucky)
  • Mr. Michael Paluszek (Princeton Fusion Systems)
  • Dr. Samuel A. Cohen (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
  • Dr. Sangeeta Punjabi-Vinoth (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
  • Dr. Sasha Velikovich (Naval Research Laboratory)
  • Dr. Steinar Borve (Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt)
  • Ms. Stephanie Thomas (Princeton Fusion Systems)


  • Abdallah Kokash (Computer Science), now at a tech startup in NYC
  • Abdelrahman (Abdul) Nahar (Mechanical Engineering), now at Amazon
  • Aditya Srinivasan (LLE High School Research Program), now at CalTech
  • Alan Tu (LLE High School Research Program), now at Harvard University
  • Alexander Bowman (Computer Science), now at Apple
  • Alexander Velberg (Mechanical Engineering and Physics), now at MIT
  • Hristijan Stojkovic (Optics and Physics), now a grad student at UR (Optical Eng.)
  • Kagan Yanik (Optics and Physics), now a grad student at UR (Physics)
  • Maria Plessia (Mechanical Engineering), now at Carnegie Mellon
  • Marc Haddad (Mechanical Engineering), now at Amogy, a sustainable clean energy startup
  • Matthew Burns (Computer Science and Physics), now a grad student at UR (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Tamoy Seabourne (Mechanical Engineering), now at Headwaters Solutions LLC, a hydrogen plant company 
  • Yousef Lawrence (Physics), now at MIT
  • Yuxin (Leo) Liu (Mechanical Engineering), now at the University of Virginia