Teaching Activities of Professor Guo

  1. Graduate Level
    OPT 465 & PHY 435 -- LASER SYSTEMS
    (Graduate course to students in both School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and School of Arts and Sciences)
    This course provides a survey of a variety of laser systems and prepares the student to contribute to the design of new laser systems. The course starts with a discussion of the physical processes that occur in laser oscillators and amplifiers. Following this, we describe various classes of lasers (e.g., optically-pumped solid lasers, gas lasers, organic dye lasers, etc.). Designs of specific laser systems from each class will be described in detail (e.g., the Nd:YAG laser, argon ion laser, rhodamine 6G dye laser, etc.). Other topics which will be covered include: optical resonator mode theory, techniques for measuring the spectral and temporal properties of laser beams.
  2. Graduate and Undergraduate Level
    OPT 256 -- Optics Laboratory 
    (Senior Undergraduate and Master Program Core Course)
    Intensive laboratory course with experiments on optical imaging systems, testing of optical instruments, diffraction, interference, holography, lasers, detectors, spectroscopic instruments.
  3. Undergraduate Level
    OPT 226 -- Optoelectronics I: Devices 
    (Senior Undergraduate Core Course)
    Introduction to the physics of optoelectronics. Light propagation in restricted geometries including waveguides and optical fibers. Dispersion and loss in linear and nonlinear pulse propagation. Passive optoelectronic devices: detectors and couplers. Active optoelectronic devices: lasers and modulators. Coupling between passive and between active and passive elements.

    OPT 224 -- Laser Systems
    (Junior Undergraduate Core Course)
    Fundamentals and applications of lasers and laser systems, including optical amplification, cavity design, beam propagation and modulation. Emphasis is placed on developing the basic principles needed to design new systems, as well as an understanding of the operation of those currently in use.
  4. Professional Education
    Modern Laser Technology
    (Rochester Annual Summer School)
    This course will describe the principles of design and details of operation of a number of advanced laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. Examples include: high-power lasers, Q-switched lasers, and principles of mode locking and advanced mode-locked laser systems (including chirped-pulse amplification lasers).