Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications, 2nd Edition (total 4 volumes)
    Edited by Guo and Singh, CRC Press (March 1, 2021).
    This 4-volume Handbook will serve as the most comprehensive handbook in the field of lasers.
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    Nanomaterials: Processing and Characterization with Lasers
    Singh, Zeng, Guo, and Cai. Wiley-VHC Press (2012).
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2023 Publications

  1. Gigantic suppression of recombination rate in 3D lead-halide perovskites for enhanced photodetector performance
    K.J. Lee, R. Wei, Y. Wang, J. Zhang, W. Kong, S.K. Chamoli, T. Huang, W. Yu, M. Elkabbash, and C. Guo, Nature Photonics 17, 236 (2023).
  2. Fano Resonant Optical coatings platform for Full Gamut and High Purity Structural Colors
    M. ElKabbash, N. Hoffman, A. Lininger, S. Jalil, T. Letsou, M. Hinczewski, G. Strangi, and C. Guo, Nature Comm. 14, 3960 (2023).
  3. Nature-Inspired Surafce Engineering for Efficient Atmospheric Water Harvesting
    Z. Li, L. Tang, H. Wang, S.C. Singh, X. Wei, Z. Yang, C. Guo, ACS Sustainable Chem. & Eng. (2023) doi:10.1021/acssuschemeng.3c00760
  4. Fecalphobic oil-coated femtosecond-laser-processed PTFE surface
    Y. Liu, F. Xie, Y. An, J. Sun, N. Zhao, Y. Deng, L. Li, S. Singh, C.V. Ngo, W. Li, and C. Guo, Colloids and Surfaces A 659, 130742 (2023).
  5. All-optical logic gates using E-shaped silicon waveguides at 1.55 μm
    A. Kotb, K.E. Zoiros, and C. Guo, J. of Appl. Phys. 133, 173101 (2023).
  6. Controlling basal plane sulfur vacancy in high-efficiency overall water splitting MoSx/NiF electrocatalysts through electric-field assisted pulsed laser ablation in liquid
    C.S. Saraj, S.C. Singh, R. Ali, A. Shukla, G. Verma, T. Zou, W. Yu, W. Li, and C. Guo, iScience 26, 106797 (2023).
  7. Rapid fabrication of CuMoO4 nanocomposites via electric field assisted pulsed-laser ablation in liquids for electrochemical hydrogen generation
    C.S. Saraj, S. Singh, G. Verma, A. Alquliah, W. Li, and C. Guo, Appl. Surf. Sci. Adv. 13, 100358 (2023).
  8. Scalable wettability modification of aluminum surface through single-shot nanosecond laser processing
    C.V. Ngo, Y. Liu, W. Li, J. Yang, C. Guo, Nanomaterials 13, 1392 (2023).
  9. Enhanced Photon Harvesting in Wedge Tandem Solar Cell
    SK Chamoli, S Singh, C Guo, W Li, Advanced Theory and Simulations 6, 2200632 (2023).
  10. Influence of Embedded NiO-nanoparticles on the Nonlinear Absorption of Tungsten Disulfide Nanolayers
    S.R. Konda, R.A. Rajan, S. Singh, R.A. Ganeev, V.R Soma, A. Srivastava, M. Venkatesh, C. Guo, W. Li, Opt. Materials 138, 113657 (2023).
  11. Optical logic gates based on Z-shaped silicon waveguides at 1.55 μm
    A. Kotb, K.E. Zoiros, A. Hatziefremidis, and C. Guo, Micromachines 14, 1266 (2023).