Message from the Dean

Dean Heinzelman leading a class discussion.

The mission of the Edmund A. Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is to promote and support the highest quality research that advances solutions to pressing societal problems and to advance education in engineering and applied science through engaging experiences and environments that promote critical thinking, creativity, equity, ethics, and leadership, creating lifelong learners.

This is a lofty goal but one that we must achieve. Our future capacity to transform our world through technological innovations depends on new research discoveries. It also depends on educating a diverse population of students who will be the next researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders in engineering, and who have the passion to change the world.

The world needs more engineers with diverse backgrounds and different worldviews. The world needs more engineers who care about the impact of our decisions on our environment, our place as global citizens, and our future. Engineers with strong values are the ones who will serve as catalysts for change.

In the Hajim School, we strive to provide our students the unique skills and the ability to work on teams with integrity, perseverance, and a commitment to the highest standards, that will lead to the next big breakthrough.

Are you ready to engineer the future?

Wendi Heinzelman

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Professor and Dean

Wendi Heinzelman

Wendi Heinzelman, who became dean of the Hajim School on July 1, 2016, has been a proven administrator, a researcher of international distinction, and an award-winning teacher since joining the University of Rochester in 2001.

Read more about Dean Heinzelman’s administrative leadership, research contributions, honors and awards, work to encourage women in engineering, and teaching and mentoring.

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Hajim Highlights

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Advisory Groups

Two key groups provide Dean Heinzelman regular counsel about the vision and direction of the Hajim School.

The Hajim School Dean's Advisory Committee (DAC) has broad and deep expertise, ranging from precision optics to investment banking, from alternative energy to wireless communications, from aerospace engineering to intellectual property law, from medical imaging to advanced manufacturing.

Twice a year the members of this committee gather to advise and counsel the dean on key aspects of the school's management. They offer insight and guidance on curricular initiatives, capital needs, trends in admissions and retention, career and internship services, and networking skills for students.

The members of the Hajim School Visiting Committee meet in fall and spring to hear what's new at the school, give their feedback, and then spread the news. As with the Dean's Advisory Committee, the Visiting Committee is a way to engage alumni. In addition to the input members provide on curriculum and other programs, the Visiting Committee plays in important role in building support from the Hajim community for fundraising activities. All Visiting Committee members are themselves members of the George Eastman Circle.