The University of Rochester provides both the intellectual excitement of a major research university and the intimacy and opportunities of a liberal arts college, emphasizing individualized study that allows graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to harness Rochester’s unique facilities, nationally ranked faculty, and research infrastructure.

Solving the most significant challenges of the future requires a transdisciplinary approach. Our Hajim graduate students engage in impactful research that transcends traditional boundaries, collaborating with partners across all schools at the University.

Hajim School engineers and applied scientists are at the forefront of each of the university’s areas of distinction, which highlight the university’s existing strength’s and greatest opportunities for impact.

A biomedical engineering student adjusts an electroencephalography cap on fellow lab member.

Biomedical and Health Care Innovation

Researchers at the Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences are drivers of biomedical research and educational opportunities. We are committed to fostering innovation and discovery and to growing our research enterprise in order to address persistent health care challenges facing people and communities all over the world.

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A robotic arm chooses between colored shapes.

Just and Equitable Societies

Our engineers conduct research for the betterment of the world. As technology such as artificial intelligence reshapes our world, our computer scientists and engineers explore how to eliminate biases and leverage it in ways that can reduce disparities.

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A student standing at a microphone recording sounds.

Musical Excellence and Innovation

Our audio engineers work to identify and solve problems systematically, to think creatively in both artistic and technical dimensions, and to recognize the role of engineering in modern society.

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Superconducting circuit (Niobium on Silicon substrate) fabricated at the University of Rochester cleanroom (URNano).

The Digital Future

Hajim scholars collaborate with others in the School of Arts & Sciences, Simon Business School, School of Medicine and Dentistry, and School of Nursing to develop the computing technologies and analytical tools necessary to collect and study massive datasets that help us comprehend the ways in which people thrive—as individuals, in organizations, and across communities.

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A student is pictured with a dilution refrigerator in a lab.

Transformational Materials and Technologies

Through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, our researchers are developing and utilizing next-generation materials and technologies to build a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future. We are already working toward breakthroughs in quantum computing, imaging, and fusion energy sources.

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