How to Apply

Students interested in becoming a Hajim School Grand Challenges Scholar should:

  • Write a letter of application which includes the following information (two pages maximum):
    • List your name, phone number, email address, expected major, and expected class year
    • Describe what you hope to gain from the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP)
    • Describe which Grand Challenge interests you the most and why
    • List any activities or courses have you already completed that satisfy one or more of the five GCSP competencies
    • Describe your initial plan for fulfilling the GCSP requirements and with whom you’ve discussed your ideas
  • Create or update your resume

Submit these documents as a single pdf file with the filename "GCSP Application – Your Name.pdf". Attach that file to an email and send to Emma Derisi. In the subject line, write "GCSP Application.”


Admittance to the program is based on the following criteria:
  • Good academic standing (there is no minimum GPA to participate)
  • A clear demonstrated interest in participating in the program, as evidenced through the application letter
  • A well thought‑out plan for how to meet the components of the GCSP

We anticipate being able to admit into the program all students who meet these criteria.

Students are encouraged to discuss their desire to become a Hajim School Grand Challenge Scholar with Emma Derisi as early as possible in order to allow enough time to complete a plan of action for documenting progress toward, and completing each of the GCSP's five components for the Grand Challenge of their choice.

More information: