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HOME MS Program

The Hybrid Optics Master’s Education (HOME) program offers the world-renowned Institute of Optics MS, taking advantage of the best remote-learning practice and a special in person component crafted to meet the needs of busy professionals.

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Educating the next generation of optics leaders

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Studying light's generation, propagation, detection and interaction with matter

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Combining physics, engineering, chemistry and materials science

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Major & Minor

Pursue a degree or take courses in optics or optical engineering.

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Graduate Studies

We emphasize collaboration and collegiality in our master’s and doctoral programs.

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Optics Research

Research includes quantum optics, nanophotonics, optoelectronics, and more.

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In the News

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Industrial Associates

The IA Program provides training and informational benefits to participating companies and allows the Institute to learn more about industry needs and concerns. This exchange improves our partners’ ability to use modern optical technology while increasing our ability to educate individuals to assume key roles within their companies.

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Job Openings

View current openings for students/graduates and faculty.

2014 Viewbook Cover Image

New Quantum Center

Center for Quantum Electrodynamics for Selective Transformations (QuEST)

QuEST is an interdisciplinary team exploring creative strategies to enable new chemical reactivities beyond the traditional paradigm of chemistry by utilizing quantum light-matter interactions between molecules and radiation inside an optical cavity.

A close up of a 2 mm by 2 mm integrated photonic chip.

Feature Story

Tiny chip provides a big boost in precision optics

Researchers at the Institute of Optics for first time distill novel interferometry into a photonic device.

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76620starting salary

The average starting salary for the Institute of Optics class of 2018 was $76,620.


Approximately 5 percent of the Institute of Optics class of 2018 went on to participate in programs such as the Fulbright Scholarship.

Career outcomes graph for a major in optics (class of 2018).
Thirty eight percent of the 2018 optics majors report they are working after graduation while sixty three percent are continuing their education.

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