David G. Goldstein Student Innovation Grant

The David G. Goldstein Student Innovation Grant was created to help empower undergraduate and graduate students to pursue innovative ideas in optics, and propel those ideas to realization.


All undergraduate and graduate optics students, individually or in groups of up to four students (at least one being in Optics), can apply for seed funding up to a maximum of $1000, for use in accomplishing projects beyond normal classroom activities. A maximum of $2500 will be dispersed each year.

Grant projects can be done as part of a normal class, but should in some way be extraordinary for that class. Projects can also be part of an individual study supervised by a faculty member or done within the context of a student organization.

Use of Funds

Funds can be used for:

  • Material costs
  • Services (e.g. service center time)
  • Travel (in special circumstances).


Students should submit the following materials to goldstein-fund@rochester.edu with the subject line "Goldstein Student Innovation Grant":

  • Abstract describing the project in 200-400 words
  • Itemized budget and accompanying budget justification
  • List of deliverables, including a final report
  • Timeline
  • Outlook for plans beyond the project and long term impact

Applications will be reviewed by a review committee on an ad hoc basis.

Dispersal of Funds

Students should obtain supplies through the established channels whenever possible. Otherwise, reimbursements will be handled in the optics admin office. Orders and receipts should be consistent with the approved budget and will be reviewed.

Major changes in budget should be approved by the review committee. Small adjustments in price or specific component choice do not require additional approval.