Technical Electives

Three technical electives are required. Suggested technical elective themes are listed in blue in the heading row of the table below. The combinations listed below are not a mandatory sequence of technical electives; they serve as a starting point for students considering technical elective combinations. Classes listed in the first row of the table are optics core courses that pair up nicely with suggested electives. Choose classes in the vertical column below the technical elective theme you wish to explore or consult your adviser for additional class themes and/or combinations.

Effective Spring 2015, any 200-level engineering course may be counted as a technical elective with faculty adviser approval. This approval must be documented via email or on the semester course planning form.

Biomedical OpticsOptics and MathLens DesignPhotonic Materials/ DevicesOptics and PhysicsLab SpecialLasers and PhotonicsOptomechanics
OPT 241OPT 287OPT 241OPT 225OPT 223OPT 204OPT 225OPT 242
OPT 248MATH 2XXOPT 243ME 280PHYS 235OPT 253ECE 235ME 226
OPT 276MATH 2XXOPT 244OPT 421*PHYS 227OPT 257OPT 465*OPT 232
PHYS 253MATH 2XXOPT 246ECE 235PHYS 246PHYS 243WOPT 468*OPT 432*
BME 270 OPT 247OPT 468*    
  OPT 444*     

*For students pursuing graduate studies at The Institute, these courses cannot count for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Optics:

  • OPT 232 Opto-Mechanics
  • OPT 243 Optical Fabrication and Testing
  • OPT 244 Lens Design
  • OPT 246 Thin Film Coatings
  • OPT 247 Advanced Optical Coatings
  • OPT 248 Vision and the Eye
  • OPT 253 Quantum Optics Lab
  • OPT 257 Advanced Senior Laboratory
  • OPT 276 Biomedical Optics
  • OPT 421 Optical Properties of Materials
  • OPT 432 Intro to Optomechanics
  • OPT 444 Lens Design
  • OPT 465 Laser Systems
  • OPT 468 Waveguide Optoelectronic Devices
  • BME 270 Biomedical Microscopy
  • ECE 235 Intro to Optoelectronics
  • ME 226 Intro to Solid Mechanics
  • ME 280 Intro to Material Science
  • MATH 2XX Any upper division math course
  • PHYS 227 Thermo and Stat Mechanics
  • PHYS 235 Advanced Classical Mechanics PHYS 243W Advanced Lab Topics
  • PHYS 246 Quantum Theory
  • PHYS 253 Biological Physics