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Nature has always astounded those who study it scientifically, with the complex yet elegantly simple beauty of its designs. The image that one sees—whether looking through a microscope into a single cell or peering through a telescope at a vast galaxy—is sometimes as aesthetically pleasing as a Monet or a Rembrandt. The goal of the Art of Science Competition is to explore and illuminate the aesthetic beauty that results when science, art, and technology intersect.

How to Enter

High resolution jpeg entries (300 dpi, at least 3,000 pixels wide) can be submitted now through March 20, 2020. Use our online submission form to enter.

Prizes include a $250 People’s Choice award, in addition to judge’s prizes of $1,000, $500, and $250 for photographs, illustrations, visualizations, renderings, and posters that best illustrate themes of science, engineering, technology, math, and sustainability.

Questions? Contact Brian McIntyre and the Art of Science team at



"Feeding the Mold" by Yineng Zhao a graduate student in material science. About 40 percent of food in America is wasted, much to the ravages of molding. This is a mold growing on an orange peel as seen in the SEM (scanning electron microscope).

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