BME Graduate Student Council

Our organization fosters a threefold mission to promote scholastic excellence, community engagement, and mentorship extending across the biomedical engineering department and into the greater Rochester area.

1. Scholastic Excellence

  • Organize senior graduate student discussion panels on academics, coursework, and preliminary exams for incoming graduate students
  • Serve as liaisons to the graduate faculty
  • Implement Summer Seminar Series for research presentations by the first and second year graduate students

2. Community Engagement

  • Partner and volunteer with charitable organizations around the Rochester area such as the Ronald McDonald House, Golisano Children’s Hospital toy drive, and FoodLink food pantry
  • Foster social aptitude and togetherness through planning monthly activities, such as SkyZone, Thanksgiving dinners, picnics, and ski trips

3. Mentorship

  • Assimilate incoming graduate students to positively impact the Rochester community
  • Mentor undergraduate biomedical engineering students in professionalism, research competency, and career trajectories
  • Prepare underrepresented high school students for college courses and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through partnership with the Kearn’s Center Upward Bound program

BME GSC Officers

  • President:  Edgardo Franco
  • Co-president & CMTI Representative:  Jazmin Phommavanh
  • Outreach Chair: Sashank Lekkala

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