Giving to ECE Impacts the Future

Thank you for considering giving a gift to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Your support of the department enriches our students’ academic experience, enables advances in cutting-edge research, and encourages innovation and discovery in electrical and computer engineering.

Learn, Discover, Heal, Create—And Make the World Ever Better.

How Your Gift Can Make a Difference

A hand wearing a glove with a circuit board attached.SUPPORTING STUDENTS IN STEM
Supporting students is one of the highest priorities at Rochester—scholarship to assist students in need, and funds to facilitate participation in conferences, professional development, and prestigious national competitions such as Mini Baja and Solar Splash.

A student working on an electron microscope.INNOVATIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS
Putting the most up-to-date equipment and technology into students' hands is an important part of the department's success. And giving the students state-of-the-art space is important to new programs such as the major in audio and music engineering.

Consider a gift of time. This could include being a mentor, sharing your accomplishments and experience in our Distinguished Seminar Series, or as a speaker in our Fireside Chat Series focused on entrepreneurship.


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Ways to Give

You can donate to the department online by using this secure form.

Mail or wired funds:
You can also donate via mail or wired funds by following the directions outlined on the advancement site.

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