Major Requirements


Every chemical engineering undergraduate is assigned a faculty adviser. Faculty advisers help students assess their academic goals and career objectives, understand program requirements, and assist in choosing technical and non-technical electives.

Required Courses

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Required Chemical Engineering Courses
CHE113: Chemical Process Analysis
CHE 116: Numerical Methods and Statistics
CHE243: Fluid Dynamics
CHE225: Thermodynamics I
CHE 226: Thermodynamics II
CHE244: Heat and Mass Transfer
CHE231: Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHE250: Separation Processes
CHE246: Laboratory in CHE Principles
CHE279: Chemical Engineering Practice
CHE273: CHE Process Design & Simulation
CHE255: CHE Senior Design Lab
CHE272: CHE Process Control

Required Foundational Courses
CHEM131: Chemical Concepts I
CHEM132: Chemical Concepts II
CHEM203: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM207: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM204: Organic Chemistry II
One Advanced Chemistry Elective

MATH161: Calculus I (or MTH 141)
MATH162: Calculus II (or MTH 142-143)
MATH164: Multidimensional Calculus
MATH165: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

PHYS121 or 121P: Mechanics (or PHYS 113 for students in MATH 141-series)
PHYS122 or 122P: Electricity and Magnetism

CHE150: Introduction to Sustainable Energy
Two Technical Electives (any engineering or natural science course)
One Humanities or Social Science Cluster plus two courses in the opposite division of the chosen cluster (20 credits total)

WRTG 105: Primary Writing Requirement
WRTG 273: Communicating Your Professional Identity
Upper level writing requirement covered in CHE 246 and CHE 255

*A 2.0 minimum GPA is required in core courses to remain in the program