Optical Materials

Optical Materials include glasses, thin films, structured media that influence the transmission and reflection of imagelight. The department leads a center, Advanced Materials for Photonics and Lasers (AMPL), that includes member institutions from industry, academic, and departments across UR.  The focus of AMPL is on polarization control through novel glassy liquid crystals and mesomorphic ceramics.

Active Faculty / Research Areas

M. Anthamatten: Macromolecular & Nanoparticle Self-Assembly; Associative & Functional Polymers; Nanostructured Materials; Interfacial Phenomena; Optoelectronic Materials; Vapor Deposition Polymerization; Shape-Memory Polymers

S. H. Chen: Glassy Liquid Crystals; Robust Photoalignment Polymers; Organic Semiconductors; Self-Organization of Nanoparticles; Optoelectronic Devices