Integrated Quantum Photonics, Cavity Opto-Mechanics, Silicon Carbide Photonics, Integrated Nonlinear Photonics

Professor Qiang Lin 

The Lin group focuses primarily on understanding the fundamental physics of novel nonlinear optical, quantum optical, and optomechanical phenomena in micro-/nanoscopic photonic structures, and on finding their potential applications towards chip-scale photonic signal processing and sensing, in both classical and quantum regimes.

Nanophotonics and Nanoplasmonics for Room-Temperature Single-Photon Sources

Professor Svetlana Lukishova

Sources of indistinguishable single (antibunched) photons will be key units for long-distance secure quantum communications. We are working towards room-temperature sources of indistinguishable single photons using photonics and plasmonic nanostructures with single nanoemitters.

Near-Field Optical Spectroscopy, Nano-Lithography, Nano-Inspection

Professor Todd Krauss

The Krauss group is highly interested in the interaction of light with single molecules and individual nanoparticles. Single molecule optical experiments are often combined with measurements of local topography or electric field through combined optical and atomic force microscopic studies. We most commonly use light as a tool to understand the basic science behind the photophysics of individual semiconductor nanoparticles, and to study the folding energy landscape of single protein molecules.