There are multiple resources available to our undergraduate students. Below is information on:

For any questions please contact the undergraduate program coordinator.

Scholarships and Grants

There are many scholarship and grant opportunities that are geared towards optics students, including:

Optics Research

If you would like to conduct research with an optics professor we recommend:

  • Exploring the current research faculty are conducting
  • Reviewing the faculty websites that interests you and start learning about that topic on your own
  • Contact the professor to talk about their research
  • Let the professor know you’re interest in working for them in their lab

Contacting a professor does not guarantee a research position.

Student Mental Health Services

The University of Rochester has multiple resources for students who have or know someone who is going through a mental health crisis.

University Counseling Center (UCC)

All full-time students can take advantage of UCC’s services, including individual and group therapy, medication management, 24-hour crisis services, consultations, and educational presentations. Sessions with UCC counselors are free and strictly confidential.

See the UCC website for more information.

CARE Network

The CARE Network is a resource to aid University of Rochester students in distress. This system allows Rochester faculty, staff, students, and affiliates to confidentially express concern for a student and get them connected to appropriate campus resources.

Students are often the first to know when one of their friends, roommates, or peers is significantly struggling. For this reason, Rochester students are likely to be the most helpful in getting another student connected to campus resources through the CARE Network.

We encourage you to submit a CARE report—for others or even yourself—when there is significant reason to be concerned. CARE reports can be submitted online or on the UR Mobile App.

For more information, contact

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