Established in 1974 to formalize the University of Rochester’s partnerships with optics and photonics industry collaborators, the Institute of Optics IA Program was created in response to the growth in the diversity of optical science and technology.

The IA Program provides training and informational benefits to participating companies and allows the Institute to learn more about industry needs and concerns. This exchange improves our partners’ ability to use modern optical technology while increasing our ability to educate individuals to assume key roles within their companies.

Support the IA Program

Resources are required for all research and educational programs, and the membership income from the Industrial Associates Program plays a critical role in the overall operation of the Institute. The money from the program's membership fees is used to:

  • Recruit top graduate students
  • Purchase specialized laboratory equipment
  • Support student projects
  • Run optics industry events and trainings

Interested in becoming a member of the Industrial Associates program? Email Suzanne DeMers at suzanne.demers@rochester.edu to become a member.

A student speaking to industry representatives at the spring 2022 symposium.
Photo by Sarah Woodhams